Bruce Noda

Corte Madera, California

After graduating from Turlock High School, I attended the University of California at Davis where I earned a BS in Mathematics in 1969 and a Masters of Arts in Statistics in 1971. After finishing at Davis, I worked as an actuarial student at a small life insurance companies In Davis and San Rafael. At Western Travelers is San Rafael, I became the CFO and chief administrative office in charge of all operational areas except marketing and sales. In 1980 the company was sold by our parent company, Marsh and Mclennan. I took a position at one of the parents companies subsidiary, William M. Mercer. At Mercer I became an employee benefit consultant specializing in health care, life insurance, disability and paid timer off plans for employees. My clients were large corporate clients including Bank of America, Ampex Corporation, Varian Associates, Wells Fargo Bank, Charles Schwab, Levi Strauss & Company, Clorox, Cisco Systems, American Stores Company, Sun Microsystems, Ford Motor Company, and the University of California. After twenty five years with Mercer/Marsh, I retired in 2000.

While I was working in Davis, I was recruited to teach a graduate course in statistics for the University of Southern California's (USC) School of Planning, Policy and Management. They had a Sacramento campus that offered an intensive program for masters and doctorial degrees taught on long weekends. I was an adjunct professor and had two classes each year. The classes were held on three weekends over a three month period. It was a stimulating experience to teach adult students because they were motivated and could bring personal experience to the classroom. I taught there until 2000, a term of 21 years.

When I retired in 2000, I spent the first year and a half having projects done on the house. It was the first work I had done since I bought it in 1989. In July of 2001 I went to Japan for a year as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in Nishinomija, Hyogo Prefcture. This was part of a sister city program between Nishinomija and Spokane, WA. During the year I was in three different junior high schools and had 18-24 classes each week. The work was not difficult and lots of fun. The Japanese students are required to take four hours of English each week and I had one of the hours for conversational English. During the weekends and holidays I enjoyed a lot of hiking and traveling with Japanese I had met in a monthly hiking group. Sorry to say that I did not improve my Japanese language skills at all. I returned in September of 2002 and am now enjoying more travel visiting friends and former clients and playing in local, regional and national bridge tournaments. Amazingly,  during the summer national tournament in New York in 2004, our team won a national event. It was very exciting and unexpected. I am finding retirement to be a wonderful, relaxing and providing time for me to read, play bridge, hike, fish  camp, bike cross country ski, travel and enjoy like.